Slate Digital Announces Virtual Preamp Collection

Two Classic Microphone Preamplifiers Added to Your Workstation
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The new Slate Digital Virtual Preamp Collection adds the tone of two of the most classic microphone preamplifiers in the audio industry to your workstation. And it's available now! Watch the video to learn more and hear audio examples.

If you are a member of our Everything Bundle (formerly called Mix/Master and Mix/Master/FX bundle), you can download the Virtual Preamp Collection for free right from the Gobbler app (Mac Users). If you are a Windows or Mac 10.7.5 or below user,please click here to download the installers

*Please note: The Virtual Preamp Collection and all other VMR modules are in the VMR Installer.

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If you want to purchase the Virtual Preamp Collection, Click here to go to our Online Shop page. The intro price is only $149.

And to demo the Virtual Preamp Collection, click here.