Slate Intros New Blackbird Expansion Pack for SSD and Trigger

Get the Sound of the Blackbird Studio Right in Your DAW
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Introducing the New Blackbird Expansion Pack for SSD and Trigger

If you've been searching for the secret ingredient the pros use to get larger than life drum sounds, you've found it! We all know that great sounding drum tracks can make or break a song. Yet recording drum tracks isno easy feat. You need a great sounding room, great mics, preamps, outboardgear and most of all, a great Engineer.

Imagine having access to all of this - A World-Class recording studio with the most coveted gear in the world - right in your DAW any time you need to record Drum tracks. This is what Steven Slate Drums, Trigger and the new Blackbird Drum Expansion Pack will add to your arsenal.

The legendary Blackbird Studios has been the studio of choice for the industry's greatest artists, from Pearl Jam to Bruce Springsteen. The studio has more vintage gear than you could ever imagine, and this is no exaggeration. There are 60 Pultecs, 1400 Vintage and Modern Microphones, several dozen Drumkits and Amplifiers, and $20K Fairchilds all over the place. It is no surprise that it has become one of the most legendary studios in the world in just more than a decade.

With the Blackbird Expansion Pack, you'll get the sound of this amazing studio and all of its musical nuances right in your DAW. You'll find an extremely diverse and expansive sample set in Blackbird drums, from old Rogers kits to brand new Craviatto kits. But you'll also have versatility due to the room selection. John McBride recorded in three of his most famous rooms: A, C and D... which all deliver unique tones. He even sampledthe gorgeous chambers in rooms A and D. This is our biggest Expansion library yet. You're going to get more Mic and FX faders to craft your dreamtone and customize the sound to your exact musical tastes.

The Blackbird Drums Expansion Pack features:

Six New Kick Drum Samples

Ten New Snare Samples

Seven New Sets of Toms

Two New Hi Hats

One New Ride

Four New Crashes

Three Unique Rooms

Two Real Chambers

FX faders using sonic maximizers and digital reverbs


Watch the videos below and see what this new expansive Drum Library will add to your recordings:

Introducing Blackbird Drums:

Working With Blackbird Drums in SSD4: 

 Nicole Marcus playing the Blackbird Kits: