Slate Virtual Mix Rack

It’s like having a 500 Series rack in one insert slot
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Slate Digital’s Virtual Mix Rack (VMR) looks like a software version of a 500 Series rack, and that’s how it works: You use the VMR as a single plug-in in your DAW and it will host a complete processing chain in a single window. The VMR includes four modules modeled after classic analog processors: FG-N and FG-S EQs, and FG-116 and FG-401 compressors.

Modules can be dragged and dropped in the rack; signal flow follows the order of the modules from left to right, and moving their position within the rack does not interrupt audio playback. Slate’s processing technology allows hundreds of instances to be run native, and a library of presets for individual modules, as well as processing chains, is included. Slate offers additional modules for the VMR including FG Bomber, The Custom Series Bundle, and Revival.