Slick Audio Introduces New Audio Recording PCs

Digital Audio PC Maker Doubles Down and Produces a 'Beast of A Box'
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White Haven, PA, March 20, 2016 --Slick Audio, the premier online manufacturer of audio recording PCs for music, game audio creation and video post-production, has upped its game and gone all in on a new “Beast of a Box” as CEO Jim Slick stated. The manufacturer creates a line of Windows-based PCs designed to capture and record digital audio for a wide range of applications, from music industry, to Hollywood, the game industry and PCs for the home musician.

Slick Audio’s mission to produce the best audio-recording PC possible. Get the best sound when recording digital audio for every industry, whether it’s for the elite recording studios making the music that we all listen to each and every day, or for Hollywood video editing and post production of movies, or audio for gaming. They also make PCs for amateur musicians looking to create their own home-based recording studio.

President & CEO Jim Slick, a musician himself, says:

"We are proud to introduce our newest Audio Recording PCs, the R5000 and the T5000. So we made our PCs with the intent of being pushed hard to do powerful creative work. Not to get to technical, but our T5000 & R5000 computers (T5000 being a tower with the option for liquid cooling and the R5000 being a rack mounted version) are dual Xeon processors starting and 12 cores (2 x 6). Full RAID and we can go up to 512 Gigs of ram. Making these machines unbelievably fast. We lovingly call them “A Beast of a Box” because theses PCs are designed to provide unrivaled computing power and performance of any other audio computer in the market. With these new models we have effectively rewritten what a professional Audio Recording PC should be."

For more information about Slick Audio and their high-performance audio recording PCs, please visit Slick Audio.