Slicksquare Introduces the SVF-42 Analog State Variable Filter Emulation

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Slicksquare, a new Switzerland-based audio plug-ins developer, launches with SVF-42 analog state variable filter emulation.

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Slicksquare is a new Switzerland-based multi-skilled team of programmers, musicians, electronics and designers. Active in producing music for over 15 years, the team begun to study digital sound processing for artistic purposes and quickly got interested in experiencing further. The increasing interest coming from friends and musicians over the plug-ins that were created, made them take the step and start developing commercial plug-ins.

For its debut, Slicksquare has launched end of last week with the SVF-42, an analog state variable filter emulation, inspired by a well known hardware device of the 2000s. The SVF-42 offers many modulation and automation solution, including VirtualCV.

SVF-42 features overview:
▪Analog modeled State Variable Filter (LPF, BPF and HPF modes). 2 or 4 poles.
▪No FFT algorithm, but true analog components emulation.
▪MIDI notes input to set the cutoff frequency and/or trigger the envelope.
▪2 VirtualCV inputs for analog-style parameter automation.
▪Internal audio quality is 64-bit double precision with 4x upsampling frequency for the filter section.
▪MIDI-syncable LFO modulator with stereophonic phase adjustment parameter.
▪SSE2 CPU optimization.
▪Dry / Wet mix parameter.
▪Audio input envelope follower for cutoff or resonance modulation.
▪Sidechain input for cutoff or resonance modulation.
▪Unique analog modeled soft clip algorithm.
▪Left/Right LED Metering.
▪VST plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X.

The SVF-42 is available at $39.99 USD at

Read more about the SVF-42 at the following link: