Slothrust Joins Ben Kweller On Tour

Black Sabbath's 'Electric Funeral' Covered
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Slothrust continues to garner fans left and right. After two amazing performances for Record Store Day, the band will be hopping on a new adventure with Austin rocker Ben Kweller.

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Slothrust will be joining Ben Kweller on his Northeast dates as part of their tour in support of their new record Of Course You Do, released on Ba Da Bing Records. Slothrust’s 90’s inspired blues-rock, their heartfelt (and intense) lyrics and Leah Wellbaum’s androgynous power vocals will be an exciting match to Kweller’s sincere folk-rock. The band will travel from Boston to DC for this run of dates, and will stop in their hometown, New York City, to play at Bowery Ballroom. See below for full dates.

Before they hit the road, the Brooklyn trio presents their newest video paying homage to Black Sabbath with a cover of “Electric Funeral”. Wellbaum’s shredding and performance is dark and heavy, an amazing tribute to the Prince of Darkness. Their video was recorded and produced in collaboration with Brooklyn’s Wreckroom Records - check it out, love it, and don’t forget to share it!



5/5 – Annapolis, MD – Ram’s Head

5/6 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

5/7 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

5/8 – Pawtucket, RI – The Met

5/9 – Washington, DC – Rock And Roll Hotel




“It's Wellbaum's husky vocals, in which she effectively sounds completely disenchanted between curses, it's the heavy and raw chorus, and it's the brooding—oh, the brooding. [Crockpot’'s] just flat-out addictive, and soon to be released on a great album.” - CHICAGO READER

“Paired with powerful heft similar to Nirvana but winsomely matched with Weezer's anxiety, "Crockpot" is for nostalgists as well as intellectuals.” - IMPOSE MAGAZINE

“The Brooklyn based trio was an early subscriber to the NYC grunge revival that's now
in its peak, and Leah Wellbaum's quality vocals, lyrics and songwriting put this band on the
forefront of this scene.” - THE DELI MAG (NY)

“Seeing this crowd, [seeing Slothrust], gave me hope... Lots of music can move bodies. I’m not sure all of it can move souls.” - NYCTAPER

“Lo-fi music that reminds us of Sonic Youth and Nada Surf; a back and forth of emotions that lead to a catharsis, an exorcism of the passions.” – LIFEBOXSET (MEXICO)

“They take the Pixies loud/quiet/loud template and push it to extremes, with the songs tending to veer violently between passages of sweet pop and coruscating Nirvana-esque riffing… a kind of midpoint between grunge and thoughtful indie rock, deftly skirting the two genres with unpatronising intelligence and sharp-eyed individualism” - NORMAN RECORDS

“I just finished listening to Of Course You Do twice. Did I like it? Of course I did. Should you listen to it? Of course you should.” - DINGUS ON MUSIC

“If I had to compare Slothrust to other bands, I’d say that I don’t have to do that.” - OH MY ROCKNESS

“With a punk-as-fuck sound, Slothrust makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and brings out that teen angst and smash shit. Cobain would be proud.” - THE DRAINAGE

“Lead singer Leah Wellbaum has a made-for-mosh-pit-shout-along voice, and the lyrics provide nonstop ins for the socially awkward and alienated to commiserate… A perfect reminder of the power grunge music has to reach common ground glossier genres wouldn't be caught dead in. But who ever needed gloss?” - BITCH MAGAZINE

“Their unique blend of grunge, punk, blues, and jazz has just been that perfect blend of styles I didn’t even know I needed, but I am quite thankful I found it.” - THE REVUE (CANADA)

"Do you remember the first time you heard Karen O belt out, ‘As a fuck son you sucked’ and you thought, ‘Damn, this chick has balls!’? Slothrust's Leah Wellbaum has the same effect." – INVICTUS PICS

Band of the Month – THE NEW YORK DELI MAG (Summer 2012)