Softube Modular

Imaginary hardware in a virtual world
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What makes a winning formula? First, collect some of the most useful synth modules from Doepfer (the company that invented Eurorack) and hire a team of modern-day alchemists to create computer models of all those modules. Make it easy to save and recall all your patches in every detail. Bundle the whole shebang in a software plug-in and sell it for less than $100. Then, team up with Intellijel, a Eurorack manufacturer that pushes the boundaries of what synthesizers can do, and release emulations of those modules, too, for a fraction of what the hardware costs.

That’s exactly what Softube has done with Modular. Known for making realistic digital emulations of classic studio gear, Softube stuffs a gigantic modular system into your computer so you can use it in your favorite DAW. You decide which modules to use, and every module looks and functions just like the real thing. Everybody wins!