Solid State Logic Introduces the XLogic Alpha VHD Pre

The XLogic Alpha VHD Pre is a four-channel analog mic/line/instrument preamp.
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Solid State Logic has introduced the XLogic Alpha VHD Pre ($1,995), a four-channel analog mic/line/instrument preamp based on SSL's Duality console.

The VHD Pre features four preamps with 75 dB of gain, independently-switched 48V phantom power, illuminated 20 dB pad switches, high-impedance switches, four independent Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) systems, front panel 1/4" jack inputs, rear panel XLR inputs and outputs, and individual input, output, and VHD controls for each section.

According to the manufacturer, you can create a variety of preamp sounds when VHD is used in conjunction with the input gain control. As the input gain setting is increased, more of the signal is passed to the VHD circuit, increasing the intensity of the effect. By adjusting the VHD control, you can shift the distortion characteristics from 1950s tube-style overdrive (if the VHD selection control is turned fully counter-clockwise for second-harmonic distortion) to 1970s transistor-style grit (if the VHD selection control is turned fully clockwise for third-harmonic distortion), or a combination of the two.

The XLogic Alpha Channel will ship in May, 2007. For more information, visit