Sonarworks Releases Reference 3 Studio Calibration Software

Reference Sound for Everyone in 15 Minutes.
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Sonarworks introduces the world’s most accurate studio calibration software. Reference sound

for everyone in 15 minutes.

After 3 years and 1M USD spent on development, Sonarworks has just released their newest speaker calibration software for sound studio professionals and home recording enthusiasts. Currently the most accurate speaker and room calibration software on the market, Sonarworks Reference 3 empowers studio pros of every caliber to achieve reference sound at an affordable price point.

Reference 3 is packed with unique and patent-pending technologies as well as automation that enables anyone to do the complete studio calibration process with a visual step-by-step workflow in less than 15 minutes. Reference 3 utilizes a proprietary Perceived Acoustic Power Frequency Response (PAPFR) technology that measures and analyzes sound the way humans actually hear it. During the measurement process, the software automatically detects the microphone position in the room, making the process much easier and the results more consistent. The processing plugin has a filter engine that is specifically designed for audio calibration in a studio setting with a choice of linear, mixed, and minimum phase filters to suit the task at hand. A full description is available on the company website: .

"Truly accurate monitoring, allowing you to be fully confident in your mixes. An absolute must have for the studio," said well-regarded studio engineer Smith Carlson (OneRepublic, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé).

Producer Matt Wallace is thrilled about the sonic transparency it offers. “Bill Gould and I mixed the new Faith No More record, Sol Invictus, with the Sonarworks Studio Speaker Calibration software and are thrilled with the results. It’s the first time, in our 20 year history of working together, that we’re able to hear music so accurately. I’m finally able to hear things more clearly and no longer have to try and guess if my mixes will translate out into the ‘real world’,” said Matt.

The calibration process is simple: first measurements are made in the studio with a measurement microphone. Reference 3 then analyzes the data and produces a filter profile for the studio. The filter is then opened with a plug-in in DAW just before sending a signal out to the monitors. When the plugin is enabled, the monitors are calibrated towards a chosen reference.

The company is currently offering a free and fully functional 21-day software trial of the Sonarworks Reference 3 software at A measurement microphone is required to use the software. Sonarworks offers a bundled version with a custom calibrated measurement microphone for 269.00 EUR / 345.00 USD. A download only license is currently 229.00 EUR / 299.00 USD. Both bundles contain one measurement software license and two plug-in licences.

Sonarworks Reference 3 measurement software is currently available for Mac. PC users can use version 2.2, which will be upgraded free of charge to 3.0 in spring 2015. The DAW plug-in is available for both OSX and Windows.


Sonarworks is a recording studio software development start-up specializing in acoustic calibration and DAW plug-ins. For years, the company has been working with custom studio installations. Reference 3 was shaped through the experience of working with best sound engineers. The company made its debut in the music industry by pioneering a plug-in based headphone calibration that makes them suitable for mixing and mastering.