SongCraft Station Studio Desks for Laptop/IPad Recording

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SongCraft Station has launched a new collection of artisan crafted home studio desks created for laptop, IPad, and other smaller-sized digital recording platforms. The product line was created to fulfill the needs of today’s home recording enthusiasts using laptops and IPads who have limited floor space and seek to purchase fine-furniture quality studio desks that will fit into their homes.

“Our company is one of the first in the industry to address the downsizing of hardware that has become apparent with digital recording,” says Jim Sabo, master craftsman who builds the SongCraft Station brand, “primarily with home studios. Most pro audio studio desks on the market today were originally designed to accommodate tower-type computers with large monitor screens and 19” rack-mountable hardware, and are about the size of a dining room table. That’s just too large to fit in most people’s homes.”

SongCraft Station studio desks are approximately 35% smaller than other pro quality desks available on the market today and are designed for home recording enthusiasts using laptops, IPads, USB desktop mics, smaller hardware, and virtual instruments, equipment, and effects. All models are made of 3/4” thick MDF board and include two 15”w x 15”d monitor stands and midi controller keyboard drawers with 150 lb. test drawer glides to support keyboards weighing up to 100 lbs. The company’s studio desk are intentionally built with a residential feel. Customers are offered a wide variety of hardwood trim selections and other functional options to match their existing home décor. Tapered rock maple legs painted black come standard with all desks. Customers may opt to have tapered hardwood legs built to match their trim selection.

SongCraft Station desks are available in three sizes. The Grande model is 64.5”w x 27.5”d x 34” high and designed to accommodate 88 and 76 key controllers. The Composer model is a 53”w x 27.5”d x 34”h desk accommodates 61 key and smaller keyboard controllers, and the Songwriter model is a 48”w x 25.5”d x 31” chair-height desk that features a 37” wide utility drawer and no keyboard drawer. All desks include two 15”w x 15”d monitor stands which provide a clear 12”w x 12”d x 7” high staging area for hardware components below, and are made to order with the customer’s choice of hardwood trim on the desktop and monitor stands.

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Functional Options Offer Revolutionary New Design
The artisan-musicians at SongCraft Station have also introduced two newly designed optional components for their workstations created to help keep users organized, eliminate unsightly wires and cables, and enhance the work process. Like the desks, these components are constructed with ¾” MDF board and finished with the same hand-crafted hardwood trim and surface laminates.

Desktop Cable Boxes are single cabinet units that are positioned atop the rear surface area of the desktop. The cabinet base is a 4”w x 7” h laminated box trimmed in the customers choice of hardwood that is built to match the width of the desk. The wood-trimmed cabinet top is shaped to include two 15”w x 15”d monitor platforms that protrude at both ends and piano-hinged to the base cabinet. Wires and cables from nearfield monitors, computers, pre-amps, external hard drives and other hardware gain access into the box through strategically located grommets and are hidden from view.

Desktop Cable Boxes are available in two configurations. Standard Desktop Cable Boxes include basic cabinetry designed to function as monitor platforms with staging areas beneath them, and to organize and keep all wires and cables out of sight. Desktop Power-Up Cable Boxes additionally feature an 8 circuit power center located inside the cabinet with 8 lighted switches mounted on a front hardwood panel, and 8 120V, 3-prong plug sockets inside the box that allows users to plug their equipment inside the cabinet and power up their equipment in sequence.

Master-builder Jim Sabo sums up the company’s entry into building studio desks. “We’re not competing with the pro audio companies; they do a fine job with the larger commercial units they provide. We’re simply filling a niche for folks who can’t fit pro audio desk in their homes. With fine woodworking as our craft and making music as our passion, we get a real joy turning people on to these beautiful desks. It’s truly a labor of love. ”