June 19, 2018 — Sonokinetic today announced the next chapter in its phrase-based orchestral collection: Largo.

Largo Brass

Ever since Sonokinetic started its phrase-based sampling odyssey, there was an ambition to capture the slow and stately sound of strings melodies, woodwind chord ensembles, and smooth brass lines.

Largo Woods

Now with Largo, Sonokinetic has finally created a set of performances that typify the kind of scoring of classic films and historical features. The emphasis here is on strong thematic writing with smooth, yet dramatic transitions between the notes.

Largo Strings

This means legato, portamento, staccato, and staccatissimo styles have been captured, as well as harmonics, glissandi, and many other techniques that are impossible to reproduce realistically with traditional multi-sampled orchestral libraries. Largo covers many bases with pristinely captured performances available in all root keys.