Sonokinetic Maximo Powerful Orchestral Sample Library Flash Sale: 33% Off

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Expiring Monday, May 29, Sonokinetic is offering its unique orchestral sample collection, Maximo, for a 33% discount, dropping it from 249 euros to 165 euros.

The library — for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player 5.1 and up or Komplete Kontrol NKS 1.5 and up — focuses on orchestral sampling for action packed, high-intensity scores. This is the stuff summer popcorn movies and blockbuster video games are made of. See the audio demos below for the proof.

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Maximo comes in at 36GB of 24-bit/44.1kHz NCW samples or 18GB of 16-bit/44.1kHz NCW samples: more than 32,000 samples in all, captured from three orchestral sections with four recorded mic positions: close, Decca tree, wide, and balcony (far).

The orchestra sections comprise 60 string players, 19 woodwind players and 22 brass players. I personally love these sounds, and Maximo seems like it would be an amazing weapon in the arsenal of any aspiring super hero or first-person shooter composer.

Maximo also has been endorsed by many A-list composers such as Thomas Newman and Brian Tyler.

See tutorial videos on the product page, and pull the trigger by this Monday if you want the 33% discount.

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