Sontronics Announces Chimera Hybrid Preamp

Sontronics has announced the Chimera hybrid preamp, a single-channel preamp/DI box.
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Sontronics has announced the Chimera hybrid preamp ($1,399), a single-channel preamp/DI box. The Chimera has two discrete circuits; flick a switch to choose between the solid-state amplifier or the valve preamp.

The unit features all analog inputs and outputs (balanced XLR/jack on the front and back of the unit); controls for a line/mic/48V input selector, a variable highpass filter, three-stage attenuation, phase, mode select, and master output level; a near-linear frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz; and more. It's available as a desktop unit with an option rack kit.

The Chimera will be available in March 2008 from Sontronics.