Sony Continental Drift Aftershocks

Style: World, ethnic

The industry has certainly seen plenty of “volume 2” projects, but Aftershocks is designed to extend the original Continental Drift library.

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Style: World, ethnic

Product type: Loop library add-on to Continental Drift library

Loop formats: Acidized WAV

Stats: 466 unique loops

Resolution: 44.1kHz/24-bit

Documentation: None in downloadable version

The original Continental Drift impressed me, not just due to the wide variety of world loops, but also because—whether by accident or design—loops from seemingly disparate cultures often worked very well together. I met one of the people involved in creating the library at AES, and he mentioned they had a lot of good material left that they couldn’t fit into the library, and were planning a follow-up.

Well, here it is. It’s the same cast of characters: African, Appalachian, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, East Indian, Native American, and Gypsy. While Aftershocks can stand on its own—it exhibits the same cross-cultural mix-and-match options as its predecessor—it really does work best in the context of expanding the original Continental Drift.

Like the original, the sounds are true “world” sounds, not watered-down “New Age,” and as such are quite exotic and have a Smithsonian-field-recording vibe, albeit with better quality (and of course, Sony’s superior Acidization). This limits their usefulness in traditional music, but makes them ideal for soundtracks, as well as for adding dashes of spice to dance and other open-minded musical genres.

If you like Continental Drift, but wish there was more, Aftershocks is for you. And if you’re looking for some really evocative world loops, the combination of the two libraries is a great place to start.

Wide variety of authentic, but well-recorded, world loops.

Strongly ethnic nature likely not compatible with much pop music.

$69.95 MSRP

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