Sony Seven Minutes to Midnight

This is a construction kit with a twist: Each “kit” contains the loops used in a song from the Rondo Brothers’ album, Seven Minutes to Midnight. (Interestingly, I proposed this concept to Sony almost a decade ago, because I thought Acid would make a good multitrack music delivery/remix system.) We’re talking trip-hop, with a bit of funk thrown in too.

Given the source, as you’d expect there’s a very wide variety of loops, including guitars, drum figures, bass, synths, piano, organ, various effects, and percussion. Furthermore, the one-shots contribute drum hits, stabs, scratches, and the like—even a few vocal elements.

While it might seem like these loops would pigeonhole you into the Rondo Brothers’ sound (more specifically, that of their CD), actually the reverse is true. The acidization is up to Sony’s usual standards, so I would see this more as a source for mining loops to add to existing compositions. Even though it’s organized like a construction kit, I’d recommend treating this like a general-purpose sample library with a wide variety of samples rather than a “kit” sample CD. You might even want to group all the drums, basses, guitars, etc. into their own folders to encourage this type of approach.

In any event, for trip-hop fans there are lots of solid loops—and that’s the bottom line for any sample library. —Craig Anderton

Contact: Sony,
Format: CD-ROM with 455 Acidized WAV files and 136 one-shots; 16-bit/44.1kHz
List Price: $59.95