Sony Six-String Orchestra

Riffs, riffs, and more electric guitar rock riffs: Tele, Les Paul, Strat, wa, clean, distorted, chords, single notes . . . your biggest issue will be auditioning them all. These riffs are also quite inspiring; if you’re looking for hooks on which you can hang a song, look no further. The recording quality and Acidization is up to Sony’s usual standards, which is excellent indeed.

But the big deal here is that this is part of Sony’s Artist Integrated series, with other CDs in the series from Tony Franklin (bass), Matt Fink (keyboards), and Siggi Baldurson (drums). They’re all designed to work as stand-alone sample CDs, but also, to function together as a “virtual band.” The demo songs included on Six-String Orchestra feature loops from all four titles, put together into full compositions. The idea seems to be that if you need to create music with a full band sound, rather than having to hunt around various libraries in the hopes of finding things that work well together, you can simply draw from these sets. While the result may not have the organic quality of four musicians working in a room together, the results do flow better than taking material from multiple unrelated libraries.

Even without the integration feature, though, these are hot, useful licks on their own. Listen to some, then try not to write a song.

Contact: Sony Creative Software,
Format: Two CD-ROMs with 1.2GB/699 files of loops; 182MB of demo songs; 24-bit/44.1kHz
List price: $69.95