Soulsby Synthesizers Release the Odytron Special Edition

Limited Edition of the Atmegatron 8-bit MIDI Synth Module
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Soulsby Synthesizers have released their much anticipated Odytron Special Edition today. The Odytron is a limited edition of their Atmegatron 8-bit MIDI synth module. It comes pre-loaded with the brand new Odytron software and factory presets, as well as having unique Odytron paintwork. Only 150 units have been manufactured.

The Odytron is £225 inc VAT (approx $339) and currently only available from their website. Shipping is available worldwide. Some retailers will be stocking it in the near future.

The Odytron software simulates the specification of a classic analogue synth but in an 8-bit environment. The result is a fascinating combination of analogue warmth and 8-bit grit. Features include: 2 independent oscillators (duophonic), 2 filter algorithms + bypass, 2 envelopes, LFO, ring mod, wave sync and numerous modulation methods.

Despite the sound being radically different to the original Atmegatron software, the Odytron is 100% Atmegatron compatible and comes bundled with 3 overlays and a programmer cable. This means that it is essentially 4 synths for the price of one. The overlays for the alternative synth engines are: Atmegatron (the classic software), Atmegadrum (drum machine) & Delayertron (delay effects synth).

Paul Soulsby, CEO of Soulsby Synthesizers: “This software version has taken nearly a year to develop and has been a real labour of love. I was determined to see just how many classic analogue synth features could be crammed into the little Atmega micro-controller. I hope people enjoy this unique blend of synthesis."

Existing Atmegatron owners can download the Odytron software from the website for free and can also purchase optional extras: vinyl overlay, programmer cable and instructions.

About Soulsby Synthesizers:
Soulsby Synthesizers is run entirely by Paul Soulsby, who started the company in 2013. The Atmegatron is the company’s debut synthesizer and was launched in 2014. The miniAtmegatron is a DIY kit synth and was launched in 2015. The company is based in London.