Sound Ideas Announces The Ultimate Foley Collection

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Sound Ideas, the world's largest publisher of professional sound effects, announces the release of The Ultimate Foley Collection.

The making of The Ultimate Foley Collection from Sound Ideas started with an idea. Two Foley artists, Patti Tauscher and Chase Keehn, realized that when they needed group movement effects, there just was nothing out there to use. That led Sound Ideas to go on location to Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California with Patti and Chase to take advantage of some unique recording opportunities. The result of this collaboration is The Ultimate Foley Collection – more than 2,300 Foley effects recorded from close and distant microphone positions, and using every conceivable type of footwear and surface, as well as an impressive collection of foley group movement sounds.

The broadcast wav files are provided in their original 24 bit / 48 k format on 3 DVD ROMs, with fully embedded metadata and a separate list of the complete contents. Included in The Ultimate Foley Collection are 5 separate sections:

Foley Footsteps
Male and Female Footsteps, alone and in groups, using bare feet, boots, dress shoes and sport shoes - walking, running and shuffling - on Carpet, Cement and Wood floors and stairs - as well as Dirt, the Forest Floor, Dry Grass and Green Grass, Gravel, Hardwood and Hollow Wood, Linoleum, Marble, Mud, Dry Sand and Wet Sand… and Snow.

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Chair Movements
Multiple chair movements were used, including groups fidgeting and getting up and down - both in and out of unison - from Bleachers, Conference Chairs, Metal Chairs, Church Pews, Theater Chairs and Wooden Chairs.

Cloth Movements
Sounds of clothing movements on both individuals and groups as they mill about, walk and run.

Prop Movements
Prop movements involving military and police personnel, camping gear, computer bags, backpacks and movement through brush.

Movement Reverb
Movement reverbs were recorded in large and small rooms, using both large & small groups, while they were running, walking, and shuffling. Movements included bare feet, boots, dress shoes & sports shoes on a variety of surfaces, including cement, hardwood, linoleum & marble.

Youtube Video Demo Link for The Ultimate Foley Collection: