Sound Magic Announces Imperial Grand Version 3

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Imperial Grand Version 3 is the Successor of Imperial Grand which the famous Bosendorfer 290SE, which is known as Imperial Grand. The core of it is NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine, which was nominated for the 29th TEC Awards in Musical Instrument Technology Software. But Imperial Grand Version 3 uses a newer version of Neo Hybrid Engine, which has a lot of improvement and a big leap in performance.

The new version of NEO Hybrid Modeling Engine offers you the best from both the sampling and modeling worlds! The Authentic Sound of Sampling combined with the Playability of a Modeling Piano makes for a piano experience that you have to try to believe!

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The new engine improves the CPU performance and RAM usage very much. It cost much less CPU than before version and also less RAM. Also a resonance engine is added to ensure the best emulation of piano sound. With this special designed resonance engine, you can hear a lot of different resonance sound on the piano and that add great realistic to the overall sound.

To better serve our customers, anyone who buy Imperial Grand from now, will upgrade to Imperial Grand Version 3 for free when it releases.

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