Sound Magic Introduces Neo Plasma Version 1.3

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Neo Plasma is a new concept in multi delay type effects, completely unlike other systems. Neo Plasma uses a Plasma Collision System to maximize the randomness of several parameters, creating a bigger and richer sound than is possible with standard FX boxes. Neo Plasma features a whole multi delay system which enables Neo Plasma to produce several kinds of effects, including:

1. Multi delay effect with feedback control and different modulation options that give it too many sound possibilities to list here. It can be a exciting modern delay FX one minute and a vintage delay effect with mellow and richer sound the next!
2. Multi tap effect.
3. 6 voices Echo effect.
4. Chorus effect - but with our built-in modulation options, you can achieve a richer sound than other chorus effects on the market. Make your own unique chorus now!
5. Flange effect.
6. Many newly created EFX - Neo Plasma has a modular structure inside so it is possible for you to create new effects with different settings.

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Changes since version 1.2
l Improved Algorithm
l Changes on GUI to make the operate more friendly
l Changes the knob range to get more extreme effects
l Changes some automation names
l Reduced CPU usage on some old system

For more information, downloading demo version, please visit