Sound:Check Xpo 2014 Announced: March 30-April 1

12th Annual Music Industry Event in Mexico City
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For twelve years in a row, the event that achieves trade, promotion and professionalization of the Music and Business Industry in Mexico: sound:check Xpo 2014, will be held on March 30th, 31st and April 1st at World Trade Center Mexico City. Organizers are expecting around 20´000 attendees during all the show, coming mostly from Mexico, but with presence of some european, american and far east suppliers and entrepreneurs.

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This event will host live sound and studio recording engineers, as well as lighting and video designers, production and stage managers and a lot of very well know musicians. It is the place to found professional equipment, rental and staging networks, booking, logistics and production companies that make possible show business in the region.

Sound:checkXpo2014willdisplayascheduleofactivities thatincludeexhibitionofnewproductsand releases through demonstrationsandworkshopswithbrandspecialists,standsanddemorooms,besidesmusicalshowcases,educational concerts,meetingswithprofessionalsandconferences.Theeventwillhave275booths,90companiesand335brandsin over 12,500 square meters(134,548 square feet)and will unveil production technology trends to follow, plusa lot of businesscontacts.It is a wonderful opportunity for newcomers and studentsputting them face to face with the show businessleadersinMexicoandtheworld.