SOUNDMIT International Sound Summit: November 3-5, 2017

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Although accordions and Salvi harps might first come to mind when you think of Italian instruments, don’t forget that the country has given us compelling products by companies such as Farfisa, Crumar, Fatar, Elka, EKO, and Siel.

More recently, a number of very exciting synth makers have sprung up in Italy, including Frap Tools, GRP and Soundmachines (not to mention software developers such as IK Multimedia).

So, it should come as no surprise that Italy would also have its own world-class instrument and pro-audio show.

Soundmit, the premiere Italian event for synth players, recording engineers, producers and DJs happens next weekend, from November 3-5, 2017. Based in the northern Italian city of Turin, Soundmit will host dozens of manufacturers from around the globe, who will provide hands-on opportunities to try out their wares, in addition to offering high-level educational opportunities for attendees.

EM recently spoke with one of Soundmit’s founders, Francesco Mulassano, about what to expect from the 3-day event.

What made you want to create a world-class synth meeting, in the first place?
In 2011, I had an idea that I would like to have a place to meet my Facebook virtual friends who have the same passion I have for synths. So, I thought of creating the Torino Synth Meeting, together with my partner Luca Torasso, as a small event for individual users and collectors.

The first and second editions were very small, with less than 10 to 15 exhibitors. The third edition was the first time we had a professional synth manufacturer (GRP Synthesizers), and the event reached about 100 participants.

However, the 4th and 5th editions were the turning point, when many big companies and small producers attended the Torino Synth Meeting. The last edition, the 6th, was the biggest ever with 2,500 visitors, 60 international brands, a live concert with international artists, as well as showcases and demos.

What has surprised you most about the Torino Synth Meeting, and tell us how it developed into Soundmit?
After the 6th edition of the Torino Synth Meeting, we decide to take it a step further by creating Soundmit—International Sound Summit. It was a bet that we did not know if we would win, because we were internationally known as TSM and had become a point of reference in Italy (as the only synth event in the country) as well as in Europe. Yet we wanted to try to do something even bigger, continuing our focus on the world of synthesizers but also opening it up to other sectors, such as the sections we have called Pro Audio and DJ Point, for example.

We heard you are presenting Soundmit in a different venue.
Yes, we chose a prestigious location for the new event. And we decided to hold it in November because, at the same time in Turin, there will be the Club To Club electronic music festival, and the band Kraftwerk will play for four consecutive days just a few metro stops away from us.

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In addition, we have received the patronage of some prestigious Italian universities—the Politecnico di Torino, the DAMS of the University of Turin, and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, with which we have concluded a convention for their students.

What will visitors see this year that is new to the event?
Starting this year, the event has been extended to three days, the first of which is dedicated to music professionals, including journalists, musicians, distributors, producers, and so forth.

The second novelty is that, with the involvement of the Italian universities, we will have a talk run by the universities that will present to the public their initiatives in the field of high-level musical education

Third, we will have very high-level workshops and courses at a reasonable cost. These will be two hours each and will cover synthesis, mixing and mastering techniques, electronics applied to music, and much more. 

And finally, there will be plenty of demos and showcases offered by the exhibitors, which will include exclusive national and world previews on Saturday and Sunday.

What are you are most excited about in Soundmit?
We know that some of the companies will bring new products to preview and this makes us very proud of our work. In addition, a couple of companies will stream over their social-media channels during the three-day event and this will surely help the Soundmit in its growth path.

Check out daily from November 3rd through 5th for news and information from Soundmit.

Announcing SOUNDMIT: International Sound Summit

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