SoundPrism Electro Mini Released

Brand New Addition to the SoundPrism Family
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SoundPrism Electro Mini Released

Audanika, developers of the popular iPhone/iPad app SoundPrism are pleased to announce the release of a brand new addition to the SoundPrism family: Soundprism Electro Mini.

SoundPrism Electro Mini fits all of the huge improvements of SoundPrism electro into a smaller form factor. The spectacular new sound engine, new input modes and ribbon controller have not just been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch but now they¹re playable with just two thumbs, making it the perfect instrument and MIDI controller for truly mobile musicians.

A video walkthrough by inventor Gabriel Gatzsche can be found here:

SoundPrism Electro Mini features the same interactive tutorial system that has been introduced by its bigger brother, explaining each part of the app step by step, reacting to users¹ input and guiding them through its beautiful interface.

SoundPrism Electro Mini is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPod 5th gen and newer devices and requires iOS 8.0. SoundPrism Electro Mini is fully compatible with Audiobus, including support for Audiobus state saving, and VirtualMIDI as a source or destination.

SoundPrism Electro Mini is available at an introductory price of just $2.99/£2.29/2,99 EUR.

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Audanika¹s award-winning SoundPrism apps have been downloaded more than a million times, scoring full marks in App Store reviews across the world.

About Audanika

Audanika GmbH creates innovative digital music instruments. At their core these instruments transform complex harmonic concepts into graphic user interfaces that are simple to pick up and fun to use, while staying deep and rewarding for anyone willing to practise to get the most out of them.