Sounds And Effects releases Pure Acoustic Special Edition ReFill

Sounds And Effects is very proud to release Pure Acoustic Special Edition Reason ReFill for Reason v 4.0 or higher. This ReFill features extreme high quality 24 bit samples. Each note has been meticulously reproduced with up to 9 sample-layers per each note. The instrument selection is the Martin HD-28 “Herringbone’ and Taylor 410 guitars.

Articulations include picked, fingerstyle and plucked with two fingers. Variations include picked vibrato soft, picked vibrato hard, half step slides, fingerstyle vibrato, harmonics, soft and hard muted notes, open strings, fret noises.

Pure Acoustic

The NNXT and Combinator presets include many velocity switches including : Picked to Pluck, Mute to Pick, Mute to Pluck, Mute to Pick to Pluck, Fingerstyle to Pluck, Open Strings to Harmonics. Mod Wheel is often used to add real vibrato. For both guitars, the low E string was de-tuned to low D to capture deep buzzy bass notes.

Pure Acoustic Special Edition offers rare authenticity, fidelity and flexibility to your studio.


  • 1238 24 bit samples
  • 1.18 gig (uncompressed)
  • 44 NNXT Presets
  • 23 Combinators

The MSRP is $59.00.

CLICK HERE for full contents listing and demos.