Sounds, December 2010: Audio Extras

 Audio Examples from Craig Anderton's Sounds Column, December 2011.

Audio Examples from Craig Anderton's Sounds Column

Check out the following audio extras for Craig Anderton's sound library review collection in the December issue of EQ.

Best Service Ethno World 5: The author created this file in about 30 minutes using one of the Middle Eastern construction kits, along with some of the library’s Turkish voices.


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Sony Backpacker Beats: These files are audio exports of the 12 license-free Acid projects included with the Backpacker Beats library.


Click to listen: Brick Buildings

Click to listen: Burnt to a Crisp

Click to listen: Heard the News

Click to listen: Lay It Down

Click to listen: Maestro

Click to listen: Rat-A-Tat

Click to listen: Sick Individual

Click to listen: Slippery Slope

Click to listen: Target Practice

Click to listen: The Cleaner It Is

Click to listen: The Long Road

Click to listen: Tragic Monday

Ueberschall Pop Charts: The author created this file from two different construction kits from Library A, along with a few of the ancillary grooves from Library B.


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