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Image placeholder title announces Best Service Peking Opera Percussion by Yellow River Sound multi-format sound library has arrived to the US market. Building on the success of Gu Zheng, this is the second virtual instrument from Yellow River Sound who specialize in reproducing traditional Chinese instruments with authentic detail.

Peking Opera Percussion is a collection of high quality drum and percussion instruments used in traditional Chinese Opera, especially the Peking Opera, one of the cultural treasures of China, and Kunqu Opera, known as the „teacher‰ or „mother‰ of a hundred operas. This 3GB library also includes other percussions instruments commonly used in contemporary Chinese music, such as a 4 feet high drum, played in solo and ensemble performances, various gongs and cymbals and the unique Bianzhong, an ancient Chinese instrument found at the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng and dated back to 433 BC, consisting of a set of bronze bells that were hung in a wooden frame and struck with a mallet.

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Peking Opera Percussion is produced with top notch sampling, editing and programming by local Chinese producers who have a natural understanding of their culture and a sole passion to express the true quality of Chinese instruments. Peking Opera Percussion incorporates Best Service Engine 2, giving users an easy to use interface and real-time control over essential parameters, as well as a number of playable MIDI templates to help users navigate the intricate rhythm patterns of traditional Chinese opera.

Peking Opera Percussion carries an MSRP of $139.00. For complete product details, system requirements, and ordering information, visit: