Soundspectrum: New Edition of Groundbreaking Music Visualization Software Out April 4th

Soundspectrum''s G-Force -- genre-defining software that''s already one of the most successful and widely used digital music products in history -- takes yet another leap forward with the April 4th release of the new 3.2 edition. The culmination of months of development, the new release the marks the first full integration of a series of innovations that expand and increase the functionality of the core industry-leading music visualizer.

Brand new for this release, the G-Force Toolbar, for both Windows and Mac Platforms, provides the greatest control yet for users, making it possible to customize the visual experience in new ways, create themes, and set viewing preferences. In addition, the 3.2 release brings the V-Bar into the fold as a full component of the G-Force suite. A visual sidebar that's always on-screen, with the inclusion of the V-bar all users can now enjoy music visualization even while running other applications -- a perfect complement to listening to music on the computer.

Other new features in 3.2 include groundbreaking all-new visual algorithms by Andy O'Meara (a Soundspectrum founder and creator of G-Force) and other leading algorithmic artists, as well as a host of behind-the-scenes enhancements designed to improve performance and compatibility with iTunes and Windows Media.

Undisputed pioneers of music visualization software, a form of digital art that responds to music as it plays, Soundspectrum's technology now graces over 50 million desktops and is included in all versions of iTunes and in Windows Media Center. Soundspectrum's flagship product, G-Force is available for free trial download and paid Gold and Platinum versions (both as downloads and physical product). Simply the most beautiful, dynamic, and customizable visual music experience possible, G-Force is a classic success story, with over 10 million trial downloads since its creation, and an enormous paid subscriber base.

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