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The hot new Little Radiator™ tube mic pre emulation plug-in is FREE until March 29th. Only two and a half days left.

For those who already snagged Little Radiator, we've also decided to raise the number of FREE upgrade winners from 10 to 50 for the top number of shares. These 50 industrious types will get the upgrade to Radiator for FREE (when it's available).

SO, just in case you missed it...
Little Radiator is a unique twist on the warm sound of the Altec 1566A tube mic preamp. Imagine a tube mic preamp, maybe even slightly misaligned, that drives and breaks in a very interesting way creating all sorts of pleasant harmonics. Great to fatten up bass, guitar, drums, or vocals. And it's fantastic on electric piano. Use a tiny bit or a whole lot. Little Radiator has boatloads of color, character, grit, warmth... well, you get the point. All the things you need to shake the "clean" off your computer recording.

The Contest:

By sharing this free plug-in with friends and family, you could also win more free stuff like bundles, upgrades, and the top sharer will win "PLUGGED FOR LIFE" - all SoundToys plug-ins for the rest of your life. So get your code and tweet it, email it, text it, make a YouTube video, call, write, post it on your blog or facebook page, or yell out a window. Be creative. And yes, we know it's tempting, but please respect forum rules and don't spam.

Grab a sharing code by searching for Little Radiator on-line.

Turn up the heat, go get your free Little Radiator, and start sharing.

For full details on the new plug-in and all the contest rules and prizes, Click Here
- The SoundToys Team