Make quick cues for visual media using Soundwhich’s online engine: thousands of synced and organized stem tracks you can mix and match.

Whether you create music for clients or you need music for a video or audio project, sometimes you need results faster and/or for less money than it takes to start from scratch. With Soundwhich, a new online music platform from San Francisco company Varidada, you can construct full musical works using five layers of key- and tempo-synced stems from the Soundwhich web Studio

studio screenshot

You just click on one of five layers—Melody, Harmony, Bass, Drums, and Fills—choose a key and tempo, and then select from the organized library of instrument, drum, percussion, and even vocal stems. While your selections begin playing as a mixed track, you can substitute new stems for each layer to hear how everything sounds together in real-time. Most stems have a genre in their name, so you can quickly locate the musical style you want, or you can browse pre-made songs by genre.

Once you have started a free account, you can save song mixes to your profile, and when you’re ready to export a royalty-free audio file to use, you will pay for the price of each stem individually. Stems range in price from $0.00 (free) to $50.00 each, as set by the musician who created them. Once you purchase a stem, you can use it for any other songs you make with your account for no additional charge. You can order stems in the library by low price, popularity, or most recent. 

licenses screenshot

Three tiers of royalty free music licenses are available so that you pay nothing more than your intended use. Lite is best for non-commercial use. Standard is recommended for commercial use and it applies x2 to price with a cap whereas Premium unlocks all commercial use cases with an x5 factor.

The Soundwhich Studio interface and method for constructing tracks is very intuitive and suitable for people with no musical background. However, musicians with compositional experience will probably have an even easier time putting together pleasant-sounding music beds. Try it for free at

Musical artists can also sign-up to become Soundwhich artists to contribute stems to their library.