Special Report - Adobe Audition 1.5


Making Waves with Adobe Audition 1.5
Great sound, ease of use, and distinctive features make this audio-editing program for Windows a standout.

Advertorial by Jon Rose

Anyone can learn to use Adobe Audition. It is simpler to use than many other editing programs, and its audio quality is excellent. Audition's ease of use sometimes obscures the fact that it can also perform very complex audio tasks. Let's take a quick look at Audition's various work areas and discuss some of the tools that can improve your workflow.
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Within months of the Cool Edit Pro acquisition, Adobe releases major software upgrade for Audition!

New Features in Adobe Audition 1.5

Integrated CD burning, ReWire support, VST plug-in support, Frequency space editing, Pitch correction, Enhanced support for video, Clip time stretching, Automatic click/pop elimination, New sample sessions, Vocal/instrumental extraction, New royalty-free loops and more...

Click here for details! Upgrades start at $69 USD! Available May 21st.

Electronic Musician's 2003 Editors Choice:
Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition)

Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (now Adobe Audition) - Audio-Editing Software
The marketplace for multitrack audio programs has always been a cut-throat arena where companies play feature-set leapfrog, trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. With several strong contenders for this year's award, the voting, as expected, was divided. However, when we took a close look at the cost-benefit ratios offered by the programs, one product really stood out: Cool Edit Pro 2.0. More...

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From Electronic Musician, Sept, 2003


If you haven't heard....

Cool Edit Pro became Adobe Audition!
Electronic Musician, Sept, 2003

Step into the Masterclass...
When Adobe Systems purchased Syntrillium Software's technology assets, a new era began to unfold for Cool Edit Pro. Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro has become Adobe Audition. Changes in Adobe's release of the software under its new moniker are primarily cosmetic. More...

From the EM Archives:

Music Editing for TV Animation
"SpongeBob SquarePants"

Erik Hawkins
Electronic Musician, June 1, 2000

The wacky undersea world of SpongeBob SquarePants, Nickelodeon's first original Saturday-morning cartoon, is officially a hit. Recently touted by TV Guide as the most watched Saturday-morning kids' show, this highly original series springs from the mind of marine biologist Steve Hillenburg-which explains the show's oceanic slant. It features a host of kooky saltwater characters: the protagonist, SpongeBob, a pants-wearing, rectangular, bucktoothed sea sponge with goo-goo eyes; his pet snail, Gary; his best friend, Patrick the starfish; an egotistical clainet-playing neighbor, Squidward; and SpongeBob's love interest, the beautiful Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel who lives in an underwater biodome. The show's theme is simple: SpongeBob's simpleminded antics, although well intentioned, continually wreak havoc. More...

Comping a Vocal Track
Scott R. Garrigus
Electronic Musician, Nov 1, 1999

No matter what kind of songwriting you do, the vocal tracks are typically the most important element for connecting with the listener and conveying emotional content. It's therefore crucial that you produce the best possible vocal tracks, even when the singer doesn't deliver that elusive "perfect" take. More...