Spectrasonics Keyscape

A clutch of keyboard classics
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Ten years in the making, Keyscape is a massive collection of three-dozen desirable keyboard instruments expertly sampled in painstaking detail. Pianos include some of the finest and most versatile Rhodes, Wurlitzers, and Yamahas on the planet. Rare vintage keyboards from the 19th and 20th centuries feature some achingly beautiful instruments like the dolceola, dulcitone, and ChimeAtron, right alongside some of the funkiest Clavinets you’ve ever heard and an electric harpsichord that just screams 1967. Top it off with a roomful of amps and effects matched to the instruments to help capture that authentic vibe.

Spectrasonics has sampled every glorious tone, every incidental noise, and every eccentricity and imperfection to re-create the experience of actually playing these magnificent instruments. If you own Omnisphere 2, you can import Keyscape’s instruments and use its filters and envelopes to tailor your sound ever further. If keyboards are your forte, we’re sure you’ll agree: Keyscape is a crowning achievement.