Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

A playground for inspiration and exploration
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Looking for boring synthesizer sounds? You won’t find them here! But you will find tons of exciting timbres to suit every mood and situation.

Although Omnisphere 2’s synth architecture does offer unusual depth and ample creative opportunity, the real star of the show is Spectrasonics’ stellar sound design. Along with bread-and-butter musical sounds, Omnisphere 2 delivers a generous double-truckload of timbres unlike anything you’ll hear anywhere else. These are sounds that grab you by the ears and electrically stimulate your brain.

Years in the making, this major update serves up morphing waveforms, new filters and effects, and literally thousands of new sounds. Choose from analog modeling, sample playback, wavetable, or granular synthesis, add some remarkably versatile effects, and layer and split your keyboard any way you want with up to eight simultaneous parts. You can even import your own sound files and have your way with them. Previous versions were so good that it’s hard to believe Omnisphere 2 could be such a vast improvement, but once you’ve used it, you’ll certainly agree it’s one of the finest synthesizers you’ve ever played.