Spitfire Audio Hosts Production Tool Kit Giveaway

Grand Prize Worth $1,315; Five Runner-Up Prizes Worth $229
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Spitfire are giving a few lucky entrants the chance of winning a fabulous prize in this sweepstake promotion with eMusician. From the brutal power of Hans Zimmer Percussion, and the sweeping epic tones and hybrid loop tools of Albion ONE, combined with the raw power of The Grange's superstar drummers, from eDNA EARTH's massively deep synth package to ENIGMA's haunting and evocative soundscapes, together with the Artisan Cello - the lucky winner will have a powerhouse of sample libraries to fuel their creativity.

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The definitive collection of Hybrid Cinematic Widescreen percussion ensembles, produced by the man who created the idiom. Recorded by Geoff Foster at Air Studios and mixed by four Grammy winning composer / producers.

  • 21 instrument collections
  • 10 mic perspectives
  • 4 players
  • Mixes by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL, Steve Lipson
  • Mixes by Alan Myerson, Geoff Foster
  • Recreation of techniques used in Dark Knight, Inception
  • Works in free Kontakt Player engine
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Everything you need to make epic modern music in one box. At its heart is a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, dynamically layered loops designed by award winning music makers, an enormous steam synthesiser and many more surprises.

  • Massive 109 piece orchestra
  • 4 mic perspectives
  • Inspirational composition tool
  • Huge cinematic percussion section
  • 100s of raw and warped loops featuring percussion heavy hitter Paul Clarvis
  • Generous library of dynamic pads, drones, atmospheres, effects
  • Works in free Kontakt Player engine
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Spitfire samples rock history with three legendary drummers recorded at one legendary location. Creating a new benchmark in drum sampling, this is an anthology of playable kits and an exhaustive selection of searing loops all with sympathetic mixing options.

  • Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Roger Taylor (Queen)
  • Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, Chase & Status)
  • Recorded through vintage mics, Neve pres to 2-inch tape
  • Recorded at legendary Headley Grange
  • Multisampled playable kits
  • Huge library of tempo lockable loops from each player
  • Works in free Kontakt Player engine
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A once in a lifetime collection of electronic sounds derived, warped and re-birthed from the most valued collection of orchestral sample recordings on the planet... the first phase in our e.d.n.a. (ELECTRONIC DNA) project, creating the next generation of sound-ware for the next generation of electronic sound-smiths.

  • 1900+ Factory instruments
  • 1001 custom patches designed by our award winning team
  • 2 sound bays with individual and independent modulators
  • Control trim, bend, glide, cloning, tuning, ADSR and lpfs and hpfs
  • Wobble controls that modulate pitch, volume and filters
  • Onboard gate sequencer that allows independent gating between the two bays
  • Five stage FX path with 34 custom plugins (including a bunch of bespoke IRs)
  • Works in free Kontakt Player engine
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"ENIGMA" is a collection of awe-inspiring sounds and tools created exclusively by Leo in conjunction with Spitfire Audio. In just over a year since its creation Enigma has become the go-to workhorse font of inspiration for music makers the world over. Created largely on a rusty Trussart guitar plugged into Leo's infamous pedal array, with over 300 presets including weird and wonderful sounding guitars, synths, pads, atmos, phrases and over 200 loops.

  • VIs - Purpose built curiosities, some more recognisable than others. But all with that distinctive rusty sound!
  • PADS - Raw chordal instruments direct from Leo
  • MORPHED PADS - Beautiful circuit bent synths and pads always derived from a rusty source!
  • LOOPS - Rhythmic and percussive phrases tempo sync'd to your host
  • ATONAL FX - A selection of rustic pylons to screw with your beautiful sonic landscapes
  • Presented in Spitfire's Mercury synth engine
  • Requires full version of Kontakt engine
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Where London Cellists are concerned, Chris is the Vibe-Master General.. Spitfire brings cool to your solo instrument arsenal. Starting where Andy's Kitbag left off, this is the next in our series of ultra inspirational virtual instruments recorded at our dry soundstage.

  • Chris' credits include Dark Knight, Skyfall, Bourne, Hobbit, Inception
  • Contemporary work with Joby Talbot, Max Richter, Andrew Skeet
  • Rock/Pop work includes Adele, Radiohead, Sam Smith, Florence and the machine, Divine Comedy, Sir Paul McCartney
  • Huge collection of playable techniques, artisan performances
  • Requires full version of Kontakt engine