Spotlight: Cakewalk SONAR

Re-Introduced Workstation Line Features Innovative New Membership Program
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Cakewalk re-introduces the SONAR line with SONAR Artist, Professional, and Platinum packages. All versions include 12 months of SONAR’s new membership program, which lets customers take advantage of continuous product development by downloading regular updates, new features and presets, fixes, videos, and other custom content through the new Cakewalk Command Center. Customers can still opt for “up front” purchases or a monthly payment option, but unlike traditional software subscription programs, the SONAR Membership program gives you the choice of renewing the plan after 12 months or, if you decline, keeping everything you’ve received during the membership period, including your full version of software.

All three tiered programs share common core DAW functionality—including 64-bit audio, unlimited tracks, sends, and buses, 11 virtual instruments, 19 effects, and unlimited VST support—and build on features and effects as you move up the product line.

All SONAR versions feature significant enhancements: Mix Recall gives you the ability to save and compare mix scenes and swap out effects, fader positions, automation, or other parameters. A new Pattern Tool lets you “paint” MIDI data into a different location—no copy and paste required. AudioSnap is updated with new detection algorithms: Stretch a song to a new tempo, sync recordings to audio loops, tighten drums, and even convert notes to MIDI data.

REMatrix Solo, available in Professional and Platinum versions, is a zero-latency convolution reverb from Overloud/MoReVox, customized for SONAR’s ProChannel module format. This single-layer version includes 100 impulse response presets and offers the ability to import custom impulse responses.

SONAR’s new VocalSync function, available in the Platinum version, aligns parts to guide tracks without splitting and moving clips; the feature taps into SONAR's native Region FX technology to simplify synching multiple tracks at once.

All versions offer DSD import/export, and control bar and console view enhancements. And Cakewalk’s new Command Center makes it easy to manage downloads and installations, grab new updates, and even roll back to previous software versions.

Pricing starts at $99 for SONAR Artist, $199 for SONAR Professional (includes the Artist package and adds Addictive Drums 2, Melodyne Essential, and Overloud REMatrix Solo), and $499 for SONAR Platinum (includes the Professional package and adds VocalSync, QuadCurve Analyzer, and tape and console emulation).

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