Spotlight: Moog Mother-32

First look at Mother-32, Moog's first tabletop, semi-modular analog instrument
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Synthesists who have been pining for a Eurorack-compatible Moog are lining up to get their hands on the Mother-32, Moog’s first tabletop, semi-modular analog instrument. The monosynth features a voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer with 64 sequence locations, Moog Ladder Filter, 2 voltage-controlled mixers, a classic Moog oscillator with dual outputs, wide-range LFO with audiorate modulation capability, MIDI input and MIDI-to-CV conversion, white noise, a modular patchbay with 32 patch-points, and an assignable CV jack with 16 assignable sources.

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Optional accessories include 6" and 12" patch cables, 2-tier and 3-tier rack kits, 60HP Moog Eurorack case, and soft carrying case.

The unit is enclosed in a black, laser-etched aluminum enclosure with wood finishing and is entirely hand-built in Asheville, NC.