Spotlight: Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System 201

A portable semi-modular synth for stage and studio
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Just as we were going to press, Pittsburgh Modular ( announced the Lifeforms System 201 ($1,599), a semi-modular Eurorack system that combines the new SV-1 analog synth voice with the KB-1 keyboard controller. The synth can be used as a portable performance instrument or serve as a starter system for someone new to modulars.

The SV-1 is a preconfigured dual-oscillator setup that utilizes the technology from the company’s popular modules, such as the Blade wave in Oscillator 1. Both oscillators provide square, sine, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms, as well. The synth voice includes a sub oscillator, two mixers, a 4-stage envelope generator, a resonant state-variable filter (with highpass, lowpass, and bandpass outputs), noise, a sample-and-hold, a VCA, analog and digital LFOs, a MIDI-to-CV converter with Monophonic and Duophonic modes, glide, mults, an arpeggiator and sequencer, stereo line outputs, and a headphone jack. As a semi-modular system, the SV-1 can be played with or without the included patch cables.

The KB-1 provides an octave of pressure-sensitive capacitive touch pads, two trigger pads, and four voltage presets. The patch points include pairs of CV, gate, pressure, and trigger outputs, as well as a clock input.

The Lifeforms System 201 is housed in a Structure 96 Eurorack enclosure, with power provided by the included external supply. The modules and enclosure will also be available separately, as well as in additional system configurations yet to be announced.