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Gearogs database launches online marketplace
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Launched by the Discogs team and fueled by users, Gearogs (gearogs.com) offers a unique marketplace for audio gearheads. Gearogs was spearheaded by Discogs CEO and founder, Kevin Lewandowski, as an online database, cataloging equipment from high-end workstations and monitors to vintage synths and mics. Visitors to the site suggested that the developers add a shopping component similar to the store on the Discogs site; Gearogs tested the waters beginning in 2015 and officially announced its marketplace launch this past spring

“With the current vinyl trends, turntables were the fastest-growing entry on the site,” says Gearogs marketing director Ron Rich. “Now with the Gearogs marketplace public beta launching in April, we’ve seen many more synthesizers and speakers showing up on the site.”

Gearogs only profits from marketplace sales if the user does: It’s free to list an item, but when the gear is sold, the user pays Gearogs 8 percent of the sale price, up to a maximum fee of $300.

“Gearogs continues to grow as the collective voice of the community drives the public beta. Much like Discogs and the Discogs App, we’ll continue adding features, tweaking and debugging, along the way,” Rich says. “Because of the overlying purpose of cataloging all audio equipment, our contributors have a tremendous say in where that database and the marketplace go.”