This is all about the transformative powers of TELLY SAVALAS. Wait, wait, wait. Hear us out.
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The balding, lollipopped pop icon of the ‘70s (we’ll forget for a moment the apostate ‘80s rebirth of said show) with his trademarked Who Loves Ya Baby? (we don’t know Telly. You?), and his penchant for crime fighting and Seventh Avenue fashion was, much more importantly, connected to a distinctly muscular and American undercurrent of paranoia. Think Taxi Driver. Think Son of Sam. It’s all zeitgeist-wise, post-Vietnam let down and now some 30 years hence we’re again post-war (yeah yeah, OK, a different discussion for a different place), and paranoia remains the watchword of the day.

Which brings us to this issue and its twin meditations on SAFETY and SECURITY (and HOW TO GET THEM or at the very least NOT LOSE THEM), and where we are today. Labels don’t trust listeners, bands don’t trust labels, players and producers might trust their gear and then get burned, gear makers (especially of the software variety) might trust nobody and still get burned, and through it all this continuing low grade panic at reducing our mass (from analog to digital) and the possible attendant loss of permanence that might accompany that.

Well we’re here to help.

Whether we’re talking about getting it there (“The EQ Shipping Shootout”), keeping it here (“Fear and Loathing in Archive City”), or stymieing its being stolen (“Stop That Song”), this issue of EQ gives a nod to the need to Keep It Together (K.I.T.). Add to that TEN reviews of gear you can count on, MOBY coming to grips with whether or not he should trust anyone over 40 (he’s 39), BUTCH VIG on guitars, and LOUDER STUDIO’s TIM GREEN, and you have an issue to remember.

So, Who Loves Ya Baby?

We do. Natch. Or didn’t you know?