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EM Special Report: Cakewalk Project5 Profiled

Creative Looping Techniques

As a desktop musician, you've undoubtedly amassed a collection of audio files packed with loops of all types. The trouble is, unless you created them yourself, everyone else has the same loops. If you've used a particular loop in a piece of music, then heard it pop up somewhere else, you know the problem. Of course, not overusing canned audio files of any kind is the real solution, but you can also do quite a bit to spice up the loops and other audio files in your collection.

Get the most out of Soft Synths

The time has arrived. With a reasonably powerful laptop computer and an affordable collection of software instruments, you can easily take your studio on the road. And with suitable MIDI controllers and an audio interface, you can even take your portable (or desktop) studio onstage.

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Software synthesizers come in a confusing array of formats, but they have a lot in common under the hood. Here are a couple of topics to keep in mind as you assemble your system.

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