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The inspiration for Tracktion...

The thing that started me writing Tracktion was the sense that all the other sequencers were turning what is essentially quite a straightforward task (audio goes in, you record it, then it comes out again) into something completely counter-intuitive. I wanted to record some music myself, but got so angry at how badly designed the software was that I thought I'd see if I could do a better job of it - initially just thinking that I'd throw together a very basic audio multitrack recorder with a really simple interface. When I had that working, I realised that this very pared-down user-interface design could actually handle all the more complex functionality too, without the whole thing turning into a mess of tiny sliders and buttons, and without it just ending up looking like a clone of the other big sequencers.

Julian Storer
Creator of Tracktion

Comments from loyal Tracktion users:

Tracktion's interface is so intuitive that it just disappears; all I'm aware of when using it is shaping the music itself. I love the mousewheel navigation and the ability to apply FX 'filters' directly to audio clips non-destructively. This is awesome for glitch-style music. Plug-in delay compensation means that SIR can be used as a send effect which brings awesome reverb quality to musicians on a tight budget.

Luke Skirenko

Since I'm producing each and every song on my laptop, screenspace is a key feature to me and I don't like having to cope with several windows and/or screensets. Tracktion makes it so easy for me to navigate and the built-in freeze function sets free an enormous amount of power, in terms of CPU load and even more important for me as a laptop musician HardDrive load (for it freezes all files together as one audio file). But the best thing about Tracktion is that it's easy to use yet powerfull enough to cope with every task you can come up with. I'm a Tracktion user for almost a year now and I understood it after two hours.

Alex Multree

My favorite feature of Tracktion is simply its modular nature, being able to drag plug-ins anywhere is wonderful. This is the first audio app I have ever used where it does not get in your way. You can just work Creatively.

Chris Scheidies

I like to create massive layers of multiple VSTs, each with their own individual effects chains. Tracktion's "Rack Filters" make this an intuitive and easy process. You just grab things onscreen and put them where you want them. Nothing else makes it this easy.

William Scheer