Steinberg Sequel: Add custom audio loop content to Sequel’s Media Bay

Objective: Augment Sequel’s content with custom loops that are tagged with metadata for easy searching. Background: Sequel includes a “Media Bay” feature that allows searching for loops (and MIDI instruments) based on particular criteria, such as instrument category, style, and character. Although Sequel comes with almost 5GB of content, it’s also possible to add custom content, integrate it with the Media Bay database, and assign tags to make the content searchable.


  1. Drag the files you want to add into the Arrange Zone. It doesn’t matter where.
  2. Select One Track.
  3. Click on the Media Bay button, then drag any loop in the track into the Media Bay page. All other loops will be dragged with that one loop.
  4. When the Save Audio Loop window appears, click on the Category Attribute, then click in the Value field to choose the Category’s characteristic.
  5. In the Edit Character window, click to the right or left of the center dot to point to a particular character type. Continue entering attributes; when done, click on OK, then perform the same procedure for each Save Audio Loop window that appears until all loops are saved.
  6. To edit more attributes (such as key and tempo), click on the fields in the Media Bay page to the right of the file name.


  • To delete a file, select it in the Media Bay page, then click on the Trash Can icon toward the page’s upper right.
  • In step 6, note that the rating field uses a slider action; to edit the rating, click in the field and drag to the right or left.
  • If the category titles don’t appear over the displayed user content, hide the Multi Zone by clicking on the small arrow on the Sequel window’s lower border, then show it again. This should “refresh” the category titles.