Steinberg Wavelab

Objective: Organize Wavelab’s plug-ins, and be able to call them up with a sequence of keystrokes.Background: When you go to insert a plug-in into Wavelab’s Master Section effects slot, Wavelab defaults to showing all plug-ins — even soft synths that can’t be used as effects. By organizing the plug-ins, you can see only those plug-ins that are relevant to Wavelab.


1. Go Options > Organize Master Section Plug-Ins.

2. Expand the tree of the plug-in group you want to organize. In this example, the DirectX plug-ins are being shown.

3. To prevent a plug-in from showing up in the Master Section, uncheck the corresponding box. In this example, DirectX instruments that can’t process a signal have been disabled.

4. To be able to call up a plug-in with a sequence of keystrokes (the plug-in inserts in the master section and its panel opens), highlight the plug-in to which you want to assign the keystrokes, then click on Key sequence.

5. Type in the key sequence (up to three keys) disable Catch mode, then click on OK.

6. To insert a plug-in in a particular master section slot, click on the slot number and select None. When you type the key sequence, the plug-in will insert into that slot.


• The Master Section Presets dialog must be closed for this to work.

• In step 6, do not type the key sequence until None has been selected and the menu is closed.

• You can create new plug-in groups by clicking on the New Group button in the Organize Master Section Plug-Ins dialog box; drag plug-ins into that group (e.g., you can create a separate group for dynamics-oriented plug-ins).