Structure/Capture: Future Retro Dance Excursions

Contact: Sony, sony.comFormat: 1 CD-ROM, 16 bit/44.1kHz acidized WAV filesPrice: $39.95

Short form: warmer than chill, more organic than electro, more cerebral than house, and not as far out as glitch. It’s a niche, yes — but an interesting one, with elements that work in other genres too.

The 334 loops, which take up about 495MB, include the usual suspects (bass lines, drum patterns, sequences, drones, etc.) Yet these are the bizarro world versions; the drones don’t have their edges filed off, the drums squish instead of thud, and the bass lines rumble instead of pound.

The collection also includes folders of harder to classify sounds, and 24MB of one-shots. These aren’t necessarily the type of sounds you’d map across a sampler’s keyboard (although you certainly could), but serve more as accents for throwing into the mix — and they’re a welcome addition. The Acidization exhibits Sony’s usual high level of quality control, so it’s easy to mix and match the various loops. This is one of those CDs where you can pretty much throw anything together, and it generally works.

Structure/Capture is a curious mixture. There’s a gentle, downtempo sort of vibe coupled with a hint of Blade Runner-type decadence, wrapped in a totally electronic veneer. But that’s admittedly vague, so go to and check out the audio example I put together. If you like it, you’ll love the disc.