Stuart Bahn Introduces Notation Trainer for Android

App Offers One Million Sight-Reading Exercises
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Notation Trainer is an Android app created by London-based music tutor Stuart Bahn, to help aspiring musicians improve their sight-reading skills. The app generates original sight-reading exercises to musicians’ exact requirements.

“To be able to perform music from written notation takes hundreds of hours of practice”, Stuart says. “The problem for many musicians is finding fresh scores that perfectly match their current level of ability. Once a score becomes familiar, it is performed at least partly from memory. Consequently the performer is not putting their reading skills to the test as effectively as they would with a previously unseen score. I developed this app to provide musicians with a solution to this problem. Instead of buying lots of expensive exercise books, now they can buy a single low-cost app”.

Notation Trainer allows musicians, of any instruments, to generate original sight-reading exercises to their exact requirements. They choose the clef for their instrument, set the key signature, the range of notes and the maximum size of the intervals between them. An exercise of 100 notes is then created for the musician to perform as they scroll across the screen of their Android phone or tablet.

‘Notation Trainer’ is distributed via several channels including the Google Play and Amazon app stores and is available now to buy for £2.08 or equivalent: