Studio in a Semi

Meet Andy Kotz, winner of our Heavyocity Gravity giveaway
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WHEN WE asked you to send us pics of your mobile rigs for our “Your Take” contest, we didn’t expect to see an actual big rig. Enter reader Andy Kotz, who turned in the winning submission:

“My name is Andy Kotz and I’m from Monticello, MN. I am the epitome of ‘music-on-thego’! Unfortunately, my music hasn’t made me enough money to quit driving a Twin Express truck and trailer to support the family. But that doesn’t stop me from trying! I may just be the only ASCAP composer with music on TV that’s traversing the United States in an 18-wheeler.”

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Take a look at the awesome studio setup Andy built right behind his driver’s seat, and learn more about his scoring projects and touring gigs at

Andy wins a limited-edition Gravity Drive loaded up with Heavyocity’s flagship virtual instrument, GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools, which includes 12 GB of sounds, including complex pads, evocative risers, otherworldly strings, and earth-shattering hits (value: $449). Learn more about GRAVITY at