Studio Profile Series Multitrack Loop Libraries from Sonic Reality

Joytown Productions and Sonic Reality have announced the Studio Profile Series, multitrack loop libraries for ProTools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic and more. Featuring drum loops from players like John Blackwell (Prince, P Diddy, Cameo, Lauren Hill) and Danny Gottlieb (Pat Metheny Group, Blues Brothers) to genre specific grooves and phrases covering every style of music.

The multitrack loop libraries work seamlessly within popular sequencer/DAW systems like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live, Digital Performer or any OMF and REX compatible system. Each title comes with discrete 24-bit multitrack grooves and phrases you can mix, process, edit and compile the backbone of a complete song with the performance of world class musicians. Also included are individual hits for performance customization. Each title has 2 DVDs of top quality sessions recorded with Class A studio equipment in some of the best sounding rooms in the world.

Titles in the series include Danny Gottlieb Sessions featuring jazz and rock grooves with an emphasis on cymbal work, John Blackwell Sessions featuring R&B, Hip Hop and Funk grooves, MTown Sessions which features the drum and percussion sounds of Motown, Southern Soul Grooves for the Rhythm & Blues sound of classic Atlantic and Stax, Nashville Drum Sessions, Big Band Swing, Rock Grooves, Chicago Blues and many more.

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