The iconic Stylophone keyboard synth by Dubreq Ltd. is turning 50, and you have have chance to compose its anniversary theme song.

East Sussex, UK, June 2018 — Dubreq Ltd. announces Stylophone’s Big 5-0 Golden Ticket Competition. The iconic Stylophone is turning 50, and in celebration, the team at Dubreq has created a global competition to compose Stylophone’s 50th Anniversary song. Tony Visconti, who produced “Space Oddity” for one of the Stylophone’s most famous users, David Bowie, will judge the competition.

Stylophone 1

Budding musicians and producers have the chance to win a one-of-a-kind gold-plated Stylophone, a full set of Stylophone products (Stylophone, Beatbox, Gen X-1 and S2), and have their winning song and their name promoted across Stylophone’s social media platforms.

The Big 5-0 Competition will run from June 11, 2018 to 11:59pm GMT on July 31, 2018. Professional and non-professional producers, DJs and artists—from bedroom geeks to rave gods—are welcome to compete.

Stylophone Contest Graphic

To enter:

  • Musicians ages 16 and over should compose and produce an original piece of music up to two minutes long featuring at least one Stylophone instrument (the original Stylophone, the Gen X-1 or the Stylophone Beatbox/Stylophone 2). Other instruments can be used, but the Stylophone must be the main instrument in the composition.
  • Entrants can then visit the competition post pinned to the top of the Stylophone Facebook page, and add a comment that includes a link to either their YouTube video or a SoundCloud audio with the hashtag #stylophone50.

Tony Visconti and the Dubreq team will judge the submissions, and the winning entry will be announced in September.

John Simpson from Stylophone says: “Since its appearance on ‘Space Oddity’ in ’68, the Stylophone has held a fascination for musicians and producers drawn to its unique sound. We are honored that Tony Visconti has agreed to judge the entries; this competition will offer the chance to get an artist’s music heard by one of the music industry’s great legends.”

For full rules and conditions, visit


Dubreq’s Stylophone is an all-time electronic keyboard instruments icon with over 4 million sales between its invention in 1968 and now. Its unique sound has decorated numerous hit records over the past five decades. The current Stylophone S1 retro pocket synth is a modern, portable synthesizer with a hit-filled past and present. The Stylophone Gen X-1 is the latest portable analog synthesizer by Dubreq. For more info about the Stylophone family of products, visit


About Dubreq Ltd. and the Stylophone

Invented in 1968 by Brian Jarvis, co-founder of Dubreq Ltd., the Stylophone has become one of the best-selling single musical instruments of all time, having sold three million units in the 1960’s and 70’s, and almost a million further units since its re-launch in 2007. Envisaged originally as a “toy synthesizer”, the instrument’s unique method of play and classic synth sound, coupled with its uniquely small size, made it popular with professional musicians as well as the public, and it has become a truly cult instrument with fans in the very highest echelons of the music industry. The basic premise of the Stylophone design was simple: to create a keyboard instrument that was inexpensive and easy for anyone to pick up and learn.