Submersible Music


Submersible Music exists to make the music creation process easier. We have backgrounds in both recording and hi-tech (at Real Networks, Apple, Microsoft and other companies).
Our flagship product, “DrumCore," arose from the need to easily create great drum tracks quickly for songwriting. DrumCore started as a project within Vulcan, Inc. (, Paul G. Allen's multi-faceted company.

DrumCore includes:
-8GB of loops (audio and MIDI), fills, his and kits by well-known drummers across many genres, (Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver, Sly Dunbar from Bob Marley''s group, etc.).
-a loop librarian to make finding content easy -a MIDI drum module -import/export to audio applications and file formats
Our goal is to help anyone trying to find that ever-elusive, inspiring, "make-it-happen" groove.
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