Submersible Music Releases First Three DrummerPacks

Following up to the release of DrumCore 1.5 for Mac and PC, Submersible Music is now shipping the first three DrummerPack expansion libraries to add even more sounds to the 9GB library already included with DrumCore. The three libraries are ZoroPack I, MattPack I, and SlyPack I.

Submersible DrummerPacks are add-on libraries for DrumCore, and are arranged into "GrooveSets", which include a variety of grooves and fills that work well together for easier song construction. DrummerPacks also come pre-configured with metadata information for use with the DrumCore search engine. This provides quick access to all the audio and MIDI content loaded into DrumCore. Search content based on style (rock, funk, alternative, etc.), feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), time signature and tempo. Users can even add their own search criteria (create a new "style" for example) and enter their own comments for searching. DrumCore also supports dragging audio and MIDI directly to tracks in applications that support drag-and-drop such as Acid, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Nuendo and Sonar. It also exports audio directly into Pro Tools.

Zoro, the man behind ZoroPack I, has played with a huge variety of artists, including Bobby Brown and Lenny Kravitz. He also wrote the popular "Commandments of R&B Drumming: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul, Funk & Hip Hop" instructional DVD series. ZoroPack I is targeted at producers, composers, and musicians who want a huge number of funky grooves and variations that lend themselves to R&B, hip-hop, and pop song styles.

ZoroPack I GrooveSets Include:

  • Balladeer - 8th note Ballad groove featuring intricate hi-hat work. Variations with ride, side stick, no kick, and fills
  • Crazy Eighths - Funky grooves from 90bpm to 145bpm with nice tom and cowbell variations and at least 10 fills at each tempo
  • Grit Hop - Hip hop grooves including lots of no-kick, tom, "skippy," and other variations. 10-20 fills at each tempo from 80 to 125 bpm
  • Half Time Shuffle - Sun's out and this boppin' beat's makin' you happy. Variations with stick, rides, etc. Tempos are 120 to 170 bpm
  • Big Rock - 8th note rock patterns galore. Lots of variations and fills. Tempos range from 80 to 125 bpm
  • Blues - Just as it sounds. Shuffle stuff with an immense number of variations. Tempos are from 70 to 155 bpm
  • Makin' Love - A songwriter's "old reliable". A straight 8ths, mid-tempo groove to launch a thousand tunes. Tempos are 60 to 85 bpm
  • Meat-N-Taters - Down the middle rock beats with the Zoro twist. Lots of variations with tempos from 70 to 135

Matt Sorum, drummer for Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver, worked with Submersible to produce MattPack I. MattPack I Grooves Include:

  • Bo-nafide - Hey Bo. Did Lee? Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk.....a-chunk, chunk!
  • MetalHead - The name says it. C'mon and grab that whammy and turn it up
  • MotorTown - A great retro-style R&B groove but with more grit
  • AltSmash - Ride the crash and make a brooding alternative smash. Get a garage full of cash?
  • SnakeFoot - Matt's foot's like a Howitzer machine gun. When you really need to drive things along with incessant thump
  • Ryder - Detroit rocks, and classic tom beats like these made it happen
  • Scuffle - Okay, it's a raw, rockin' shuffle from the streets of L.A
  • Fill-er Up - We let the hard disc roll and got some great performances. Useable with all the grooves except "Scuffle"

SlyPack I, the third DrummerPack, features reggae drummer Sly Dunbar who has performed with Marley, Tosh and Black Uhuru. SlyPack I GrooveSets Include:

  • Africa - Kind of a "2-beat" groove. Variations include half-open hats, march, open hat pushes, etc. Tempos range from 75 to 100 bpm
  • Black Sun Ska - Kick back and groove 'mon. Tempos from 120 to 135bpm. Average of 5 variations and 5 fills per tempo.
  • Bull Pen - Quirky straight 4 (kick on 1), with lots of stick, timbale, march and tom variations. Tempos from 65 to 100 bpm.
  • Drop Legs - A very dancing 1 drop beat, with variations like stick, open hats, marches, etc. 3-5 fills per tempo from 75 to 100 bpm
  • Ion Zion -Based on a straight four reggae groove it includes bongo, timbale, toms, march snare, etc. from 65 to 100 bpm
  • J Guy - Pop/rock reggae beat with some tom, push and hatty variations. Average 5 fills per tempo from 80 to 105 bpm
  • Mash It Up - Lots of unusual variations like pony, monkey, sneaky, skippy, flutter, trippin,' tik tok, etc. Tempos from 78-83 bpm
  • Nuff Drops - One drop beats with some nice twists like drags, skips, bongos, timbales, sticks NK, etc. Tempos are from 60 -85 bpm
  • Phoenix Ska - Go to the city and feel the energy. Variations like ride and hat with average 6 fills per tempo from 125-140 bpm Sinsemilla - Based on a straight four reggae beat, with lots of march snare, tom and timbale variations. Tempos are 65-70 bpm Sponji - A squirmin' reggae beat with plenty variations and 6-8 fills per tempo, from 75 to 100 bpm
  • Wicked World - Nice reggae groove with tons of variations with toms, OHH, etc. 6-8 fills per tempo from 100 to 125 bpm. Sorta "ska-ish"!

Grooves were recorded in 10 BPM increments for the most musical grooves, which keeps audio quality from being compromised by extreme time-stretching or beat-slicing. All audio is 48kHz/24-bit and recorded in professionally designed studios using state-of-the-art digital (ProTools HD3) and analog (SSL 9000, Neve, etc.).

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