Submersible Music Releases Two Volumes of “pureDrums”, a Drum Toolkit for Pop, Rock and Dance Styles

So what happens when a French producer living in New York gets frustrated by loop libraries and knows one of NY’s best drummers? THIS happens! Submersible has released two new DrummerPacks that form a great songwriters toolkit of audio and MIDI beats.

FAB has produced and/or mixed projects for Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, DJ Colette, Toots And The Maytals (the 2004 Grammy Award winning ‘Duets’ CD), DJ Mark Ronson, Bon Jovi, Babyface, Isaac Hayes, Brazilian Girls and a slew of artists. His pureMix studios in New York’s East Village is an audiophile’s candy store with some of the coolest digital and old school analog gear you can find.

Graham Hawthorne is one of the most in demand drummers on the New York scene. His flawless groove and versatility has propelled artists as varied as Paul Simon, Beyonce, Joss Stone, Donald Fagen, Kid Rock, Queen Latifah, India Arie, Lyle Lovett, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Suzanne Vega, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Cee-Lo, Gilberto Gil, Randy Brecker, and most recently David Byrne and Suzanne Vega.

pureDrums I is actually two DrummerPacks in one. “The Basics” and “The Rock” – It’s the place to start for pop and rock songwriters.

pureDrums II is two DrummerPacks as well. “The Bounce” is all about funky, dance beats (disco, hip-hop, pop reggae) while “Vintage Classic” is about retro pop beats recorded with that full, roomy, retro sound.

Content comes pre-configured with metadata for use with the DrumCore search engine. This provides quick access to grooves, fills, variations and individual drum sounds. Search content based on feel (straight, 1/8ths. 1/16ths, etc.), time signature and tempo. Users can even add their own search criteria (new styles or comments, for example). Content is arranged in “GrooveSets”, which are a collection of related beats, variations and fills that serve as a construction kit for song creation. GrooveSets include patterns to compliment traditional verse-chorus structures. All audio loops and drumkits are created as 48kHz/24-bit. DrumCore and DrumCore LT work with all the major audio applications and supports dragging audio content and MIDI beats directly to tracks in applications that support “drag-and-drop” such as Acid®, Audition®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, Logic®, Nuendo®, Pro Tools® and Sonar™.

pureDrums (volumes I and II) is priced at $79.99 (US retail) for each volume. They require DrumCore (v2 or higher) or FREE DrumCore LT (downloadable from Demo drum tracks can be heard at the Submersible website in the DrummerPacks product area. PureDrums is available for purchase now on the DrumCore website and via most music software retailers.

pureDrums I “The Basics” GrooveSets include:

· Big Kick (1 & 2) – straight 1/8ths with *many* variations. 80-120 bpm
· Rock (1, 2, 3 & 4) – the 1/8th and 1/16th “necessities”. Rock 4 alone has 44 variations and 28 fills! 80-120 bpm
· Sweet Sixteen (1 & 2) – 1/16ths hihats, breakdowns and alt verses. Easy-2-write-2. 85-128 bpm
· Swing Sixteen – that swingy-funky-jazzy bit that drum machines try to cop. 80-110 bpm

pureDrums I “The Rock” GrooveSets include:

Alt Rock – w/slushy hats and alt verses. 90-125 bpm

Many Ways – 50 ways maybe? 70-100 bpm

Busy – deft sticking = kinetic feel.120-170 bpm

New Orleans– classic snare groove. 120-140 bpm

Country Brushes – some sticks too! 65-105 bpm

PopRox – nice tight 1/8ths. 95-140 bpm

Double Kick – rockin' forward. 90-125 bpm

Push It – a pushed pop beat. 60-100 bpm

Funk Rock – slow 1/16ths groove. 70-100 bpm

Six Eight – a deliberate 6/8. 80-140 bpm

Half Time (1 & 2) – cool retro tone.110-155 bpm

SloRock – killer 1/8th hihat rock beat. 80-110 bpm

Hip Hop Brushes – chillin’ 1/16ths. 80-105 bpm

TomLand – churnin’ tom grooves. 90-115 bpm

DrumCore kits include:
Included are MIDI kits “Basic” (1,2 and 3) and “Brushed”.

pureDrums II “The Bounce” GrooveSets include:

Ballad – name says it. 80-120 bpm

Hot n Humid –120-150 bpm

Barry W – yeeeeaah babee. 55-75 bpm

Pop Reggae – 1/16th feel. 90-115 bpm

Boomer – frenetic w/cool, boomy acoustic kick sound. 115-150 bpm

Pubber – one AND two AND... 90-120 bpm

Disco – 1/4 kick & all. 110-140 bpm

Slammer – simmering 1/16ths hihats. 75-100 bpm

Got To Be Funky – for da Godfatha. 100-130 bpm

Straight – the perennial 1/8th groove. 80-110 bpm

Hopper – hip-hop luv. 80-100 bpm

Triplets – perfect for ballads. 85-110 bpm

pureDrums II “Vintage Classics” GrooveSets include:

Alt drivin' – 1/4 snare. 90-125 bpm

More Than Basic – nice, wooly kick. 80-100 bpm

Big Boy – lots of “alt” verses, etc. 80-110 bpm

Old School – the “most” classic groove. 80-100 bpm

Elements – *only* ‘hats, kick/snare... 80-110 bpm

Simplicity – tired of busy beats? 80-100 bpm

Folkie – all ride grooves, all the time. 80-110 bpm

Soft Stuff – all sidestick, all mellow. 80-100 bpm

Hipper – swung 1/16ths & movin' kick. 85-110 bpm

Swingin' – gives ya fever... 60-105 bpm

DrumCore kits include:
Included are MIDI kits “The Bounce” and “Vintage Classic” (1 and 2).

About Submersible Music:
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